ULIP Vs ELSS Where to Invest? Which one is the best option to investment – Hindi

ULIP Vs ELSS Where to Invest? – Hindi

ELSS Vs ULIP? Which would be the best option for the tax saving? Both of these products are designed for the tax saving. We believe that technically no comparison can be drawn between the two, as a ULIP plan inherently is about the insurance cover and then the additional benefit in form of returns, while an ELSS is essentially a diversified equity mutual fund scheme, with additional benefit in the form of tax rebates. In the video we have compared the two based on various factors such as lock in period, returns, charges etc. that are attached to a ULIP and ELSS structure and how you can choose between the two as per your investment need and the time-frame.

Posted on September 10, 2022 by S T
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