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Portfolio Management Services for NRI

Portfolio Management Services NRI

Want to take advantage of India growth story

  • MF industry expected to reach 90 trillion by 2030 from 38 trillion.

  • India GDP expected to reach 7 trillion by 2031

We understand the unique financial demands of UHNIs (ultra-high net worth individuals), families, and organizations, and we provide them with personalized financial planning to fulfil their needs. Our Portfolio Management Services offer you expert financial investment management aimed to work around your customized investment plans

We build a unique Investment Portfolio for you

We don’t charge any fees from clients to provide such services

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Structured Products
  • Insurance
  • Portfolio Management Services (minimum ticket 50 lakhs)
  • Alternative Investment Funds (minimum ticket 1 crore)
  • Start Up investments
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits
  • Bonds
  • Fragmented Properties investments

What our client Say?

Our numbers speaks for themselves

How do we differentiate ourselves

  • Investment Portfolio dashboard with daily updation from market.

  • Family Grouping to see the entire family portfolio in one Dashboard.

  • We use well researched and AI based tips for Stock trading, managed to provide XIRR of 17-20% annually over last 1.5 years.

  • We use AI based inputs for MF Switchovers and portfolio rebalancing.

  • Consolidated Stock and Mutual fund Portfolio in one Dashboard.

  • Mobile App will also be available to view daily updated portfolio.

Our USP's

AUM Increase

Insights on how to increase your AUM

Existing AUM Management

Automation and easy of management for existing customer base

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolios are that build to outperform
Min. Investment starts with Rs 50 Lakh

Quarterly Review of Investment

Get your investment reviews on each quarter

Dedicated Financial Analyst

Get personalized investment solutions as per needs from Financial Analyst

20+ Years of Experience

Investment Expertise to get maximize ROI

Who We Work With

Family Offices

Family Offices

We assist various high-profile families in managing their financial, trust, and estate companies, and providing them with differentiated and strategic investment prepositions. Our exclusive alliances with HR and lifestyle consultants, as well as education agencies, are another step in our mission to be a complete solution provider for our clients’ financial and personal goals.

Corporate Treasuries - Portfolio Management Service

Corporate Treasuries

The Gainers are the top wealth management firm, and a portfolio management service that assists corporations in prudently managing their excess funds. With access to major debt market participants, our in-house trading desk can provide corporates with one-of-a-kind solutions.

Ultra-High Net-Worth Indivisuals

Ultra-High Net-Worth Indivisuals

We strive to meet all of our clients’ needs by offering customised portfolio management services, tax advice, and succession planning. Through superior execution, risk mitigation, and the implementation of continuous monitoring mechanisms, we ensure strong portfolio governance.

Meticulous Execution

Semi Annual Review -Portfolio Management Service

Semi Annual Review

Reporting and clearly taking calls on any required changes on portfolio as per the current market and personal financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolio management service for ROI and wealth creation is a specialized investment service aimed at maximizing returns and creating long-term wealth by strategically managing investment portfolios.

Portfolio management service can help achieve higher ROI by employing expert fund managers who conduct extensive research, actively manage the portfolio, diversify investments, and make informed investment decisions to optimize returns.

Yes, portfolio management service is often tailored for long-term wealth creation goals. It focuses on creating a diversified portfolio and making strategic investment decisions that align with the client’s financial objectives and risk tolerance over the long term.

Yes, portfolio management service providers offer personalized investment strategies that consider the client’s risk tolerance, investment goals, time horizon, and liquidity requirements to create a customized plan for wealth creation.

Portfolio management services for wealth creation typically consider a mix of asset classes, including equities, fixed income securities, mutual funds, real estate, and potentially alternative investments, depending on the client’s risk profile and investment preferences.

Risk management in portfolio management service for wealth creation involves diversification, asset allocation, risk analysis, and monitoring to mitigate downside risk and protect the client’s capital while aiming to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

Yes, portfolio management service providers offer regular reporting and updates on the performance of the portfolio, progress toward wealth creation goals, and insights on market trends to keep clients informed.

The timeframe for wealth creation through portfolio management services can vary depending on factors such as the client’s goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions. It is generally considered a long-term strategy that spans several years or more.

Some portfolio management service providers offer tax planning strategies and advice as part of their services, helping clients optimize their investment returns and minimize tax liabilities within the legal framework.

When selecting a portfolio management service for wealth creation, factors such as the provider’s track record, expertise, investment approach, fees, client reviews, and their ability to align with your financial goals should be considered. Conducting thorough research and seeking advice from a qualified financial advisor can be beneficial in the decision-making process.

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