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    Our services are only used by High Net-Worth Individuals who are interested to invest in stock market with more than Rs 10 Lakh. Investors having stock equity portfolio or want to invest more than Rs.10 Lakh in stock market will get mesmerized by our high accuracy analysis and tips.

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    Well, for starters, all our research ideas and investment strategies are conducted by a SEBI Certified Research Analyst with a Master’s in Finance degree (specializing in derivatives & other structured products) from a prestigious Ivy league school. His advisory is keenly followed across major TV Channels like ET Now, Bloomberg etc. A team of professionally qualified analysts support him in carrying out the research. Our stock advisory is thus highly trustworthy among our clientele.

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    Equity Market Tips

    Being able to create a ‘wow’ factor is our biggest USP. Every buyer is unique and we value the hard-earned money of our customers. Unlike others, our Fund Managers ensure that they create a customized portfolio for each customer that suits the need of the buyer – and not the Company.

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    Common Terms

    Short Position

    A Short position is when the price of a future or option goes down. Here Short seller makes money till the time is offset.

    At the Money

    At the Money option is when the value of the asset is the same as the strike price. There are no changes in the prices.

    Market Lot

    The minimum number of shares bought in f&o trading Is called the market lot.

    Out of the Money

    In case of a Put Option- ‘Out of the Money’ is the strike price which is lower than At the Money’ or ‘Near the Money’ price. In case of a Call Option- ‘Out of the Money’ is the strike price which is higher than ‘At the Money or ‘Near the Money’ price.

    In the Money

    In case of a Put Option- ‘In the Money’ Is the strike price which is higher than ‘At the Money’ or ‘Near the Money price. In case of a Call Option-‘In the Money’ is the strike price which Is lower than ‘At the Money’ or ‘Near the Money’ price.

    Long Position

    In f&o trading when the buyer buys an asset expecting a rise in its value then it is called a long position till it is offset.

    Near The Money

    Near the money is when the strike price and the value of the asset are close enough.

    Ask Price

    Ask price is the most common day trading terminology you will come across. It is defined as the lowest or minimum price that a prospective seller may be willing to accept while trading or exchanging a given security.

    Bear Markets

    The bear market is the exact opposite of a bull market. In this market, the prices of securities decline for prolonged periods. A bear market typically lasts for two months or more and may accompany a general economic downturn

    Bull Markets

    A bull market is defined as the condition of financial markets wherein the prices of securities being traded are either rising or are expected to rise. A bull market may last for a few months or even a few years.

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