Share Market Classes with Rohit Thakur | Lesson 2 – In depth analysis on dividend, promoter holding

Fundamental analysis is the evaluation of a company’s financial health and performance through the analysis of its financial statements. The various values and figures depicted in the statements give an insight into where the company is headed, its current performance, and its past performance. These values are the basic parameters to understand a company, by just taking one glance at them. In order to make a well-informed investment decision, an investor must know how to read and interpret the financial statements We will discuss concepts like dividend, promoter holding, and how they influence the choice of a potential investment. This series is intended to give you all the necessary information on stock market in hindi in the most straightforward and simple to adapt way so that stock market investment turns out to be simple and beneficial for you.

Posted on January 31, 2022 by Sudhir
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