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Mutual Fund Investments are one of the most lucrative Investments. Though risky, they can beat inflation with their returns. But we need to choose them wisely. The best part of Mutual Funds is diversification. Top Best 5 Mid & Small Cap Fund.

By investing in Mutual Funds, we are free from the hassle of tracking individual Stocks. If you are familiar with the Stock Market, you might very well know that investing in Mutual Funds is better than investing in Stocks.

If you are looking for Higher Returns and have a Medium Risk appetite, investing in Best Mid-Cap and Small Cap Funds of India in 2019 is the best option.
Here are Top 3 Mid-Cap Funds for 2019
HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund,
UTI Midcap Fund and
Axis Midcap Growth.

These were some of Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds for 2019 in India. But there are many others as well.

Top Small-Cap Funds for 2019 are HDFC Small Cap Fund, Axis Small Cap Fund and IDBI Small Cap Fund. These were the Best Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Mutual Fund in 2019.

You can start your New Year by Investing in Best Mid Cap and Small Cap Mutual Funds India 2019. If you are looking for consistent and The Best Mutual Funds for 2019 India, they are: SBI Blue-chip Fund, Franklin India Equity Fund, and ICICI Pru Blue-chip Fund.

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