Mutual Funds Taxation | STCG tax, LTCG Tax and Dividend on Mutual funds with Komal Thakur

In this video, we have tried to answer all the questions regarding what types of taxes are applied on mutual funds capital gains and dividend. So that this will make easy for those who often wonder about the taxation on Mutual Fund capital gains and dividend.

Topics Explained in Video :
1. Mutual fund taxation in india
2. Stcg on equity mutual funds
3. Ltcg on equity mutual funds
4. Stcg on debt mutual funds
5. Ltcg on debt mutual funds
6. Mutual fund tax on dividend
7. Mutual fund tax benefits
8. Mutual fund tax implications
9. Short term capital gain tax in mutual fund
10. Long term capital gain tax in mutual funds

Posted on May 26, 2022 by S T
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