How to Invest in Mutual Funds during Market Volatility | Invest during Market Crash | Rohit thakur

If you want to invest in mutual funds during market volatility but worried about market risk?
Do watch our video to understand how to beat market volatility and use it to for your gains.
The advantages of SIPs are that they help you beat market crash by investing regularly. An investment is volatile when a market is rising and falling irregularly in number or amount over a period. In terms of investment, volatility makes the prices move in both directions – down and up. Market volatility is closely related to risk. If you are aware of the upcoming change in the market condition, you can benefit from volatility.

There are two ways to do this:
1. For a beginner, SIP is an easy way. Investing a fixed amount at regular interval results in you buying more units when the market prices are low and fewer units when it is higher, all without you putting any extra effort. This is also a huge advantage of SIP.
2. Even if you have a lump sum investment, you can benefit from volatility by opting for a systematic transfer plan. Thus, in both the cases, you end up taking advantage of the volatile market and end up gaining more.


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