Best Mutual Funds for 2020 | Best SIP to Invest in 2020 | Best SIP Plan for 5 Years Ft. Rohit Thakur

Wondering if this is the right time to start a new SIP or not when the economy is staggering and the market is down? Well, of course, yes! When it comes to mutual fund investments, there is no right or wrong time. The only goal should be to invest as per your financial goals and risk tolerance. SIPs minimize the stress associated with trying to time the market, helping you create a saving pattern for maximum wealth accumulation and protecting you from wild market fluctuations. Just ensure that the SIP is in sync with your own savings and investment plan and you have some specific goals in mind that will help you stick to it through thick and thin. These factors would guarantee better rewards and financial safety in the long run. So, stop trying to guess whether the market is low or high expensive and start a new SIP today!


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