What are Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a professional financial service, that manages your financial portfolios. Our trained portfolio managers and stock market experts manage your investment portfolio with the help of the research team. Investment adviser licenses are required for portfolio managers in each jurisdiction. The only time a portfolio manager is permitted to handle a client’s assets is when the client has given their written consent to this action.

To make wise investment decisions, portfolio managers are frequently connected to an investment firm that can give them access to additional market data, such as news releases and earnings reports.

Portfolio management services offer personalized investment strategies based on your individual goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, which is the primary distinction between portfolio management services and traditional investment management.

To assist you in making wise financial decisions, it also provides unbiased research on stocks, bonds, and other products

The services offered by portfolio management include:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Financial Advice
  • Stock Analysis, Research & Demat A/C handling
  • Portfolio Enhancement and Management
  • Wealth Distribution Advisory

Premium Portfolio Management Services for High Net-worth Investors

    Note: Investment starts from 2 crore onwards.
    We don't provide any type of Stock Market tips.

    Types of Portfolio Management Services

    Active Portfolio

    Entails routinely and actively monitoring the performance of a single fund. For instance, it might calculate the percentage change in an individual stock’s value over time or assess how this fund’s performance compares to other funds in the same sector of the market.

    Passive Portfolio

    Entails keeping track of the performance of the entire portfolio rather than just one particular fund. For instance, passive portfolio managers may keep track of both the inflow and outflow of cash from their clients’ mutual funds when those clients sell shares.

    Discretionary Portfolio Management

    It is the process of managing investments following a set of guidelines established by a financial advisor as opposed to strictly adhering to buy/sell processes. The regulations could specify when to purchase and sell stocks, bonds, or other securities as well as when to start new investments or modify current ones.

    Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management 

    It is a type of program that lets you set guidelines for how much money should be allocated to each asset class, but it forbids you from changing those rules at any time.

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    How do we differentiate ourselves

    • Investment Portfolio dashboard with daily updation from market.

    • Family Grouping to see the entire family portfolio in one Dashboard.

    • We use well researched and AI based tips for Stock trading, managed to provide XIRR of 17-20% annually over last 1.5 years.

    • We use AI based inputs for MF Switchovers and portfolio rebalancing.

    • Consolidated Stock and Mutual fund Portfolio in one Dashboard.

    • Mobile App will also be available to view daily updated portfolio.

    What our client Say?

    Reasons to Use Portfolio Management Services

    Investors who desire to make consistent and automated stock or fund investments can benefit from portfolio management services. Portfolio management services have the following advantages:

    • By investing in various funds with various risk and return profiles, aids the investor in balancing their portfolio.
    • Portfolio managers supervise the investing process, tax planning, and performance reporting.
    • Portfolio managers assist investors in choosing which stocks to buy or sell, how much money to invest, when to invest, and other important decisions.
    • Portfolio managers give investors an unbiased view of the stock market, assisting them in making wiser judgments.

    Portfolio management services are specialized services that professional wealth managers offer. Their goal is to build a financial portfolio for the client that includes stocks, bonds, cash, and other assets.

    • Strong industry network
    • Best wealth management and financial advisory solutions
    • Focus on financial and strategic objectives superior execution
    • Strong investment policy framework thorough due diligence approach
    • Emphasis on choosing future winners tailored offerings.

    We understand the unique financial demands of UHNIs (ultra-high net worth individuals), families, and organizations, and we provide them with personalized financial planning to fulfil their needs. Our Portfolio Management Services offer you expert financial investment management aimed to work around your customized investment plans

    What Are the Charges of Portfolio Management Services?

    The response varies based on your portfolio’s size, the portfolio manager’s experience, and the services they offer. However, you should budget 1% to 2% of your assets under management (AUM) annually. For instance, if your portfolio is worth 8 billion, you can anticipate paying fees of between 8 Lakhs and 16 Lakhs per year.

    Portfolio managers charge greater fees than other types of financial consultants, but if they can help you increase your wealth and achieve your financial objectives, their services may be well worth the added expense.

    How to Maximize Financial Investment Portfolio?

    The secret to a successful overall portfolio is diversification. It’s crucial to realize that diversification does not imply an equal distribution of your portfolio’s holdings throughout all asset types.

    • If you want consistent and long-term investment growth your best chance for this is a well-diversified portfolio.
    • Initially, the appropriate asset allocation must be decided for your investment goals and risk tolerance.
    • Then you can pick the investment asset.
    • Keep an eye on your portfolio’s diversification and check to see if the weightings have altered.
    • Adjust as needed, choosing which under weightedsecurities to purchase using the money received from the sale of the overweighted securities.

    How Portfolio Management Services Works?

    Experienced Fund Managers

    Establishing a long-term financial goal and working toward it methodically through savings and investment can give you a stronger sense of direction and drive.

    Diversified Portfolio

    You are likely to be more disciplined if you are investing according to a plan.

    Expert Financial Valuations

    To achieve successful integration, we identify its investment objectives and then develop a coordinated plan that takes into account all of the company’s investment activities.

    Risk Analysis

    The goal of diversification is to reduce risk and improve returns by investing in a variety of assets that are not perfectly correlated.

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