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    Financial Planning Solutions

    Get personalized financial plans and financial advice that aim to achieve your life’s most important financial goals with an ease from one of the leading financial planning firm.

    Financial Planning covers all aspect of Money Management.

    Emergency Funds

    Funds for unplanned expenditures.

    Retirement Planning

    What should be your retirement corpus to lead a happy retired life.

    Goal Planning

    Such as Children’s education, children’s marriage, vacation, buying a home or car, etc.

    Insurance Planning

    What’s your human life value? What should be your cover? Which is the best one for you?

    Tax Planning

    Proper tax planning will help you save tax, leaving more money in your hand.

    Budgeting & Loan Management

    Repay bad loans and take better control of your finances.

    Investment Planning

    Investing in best suited invests to achieve your goals confidently.

    Benefits of Financial Planning

    Achieve your life’s most important goals confidently and feel proud.

    Children’s Education – Children’s Marriage – Buying a house – Retirement Fund.

    The right investment options.

    Invest in investment products that suits your investment horizon & risk appetite.

    Tax planning helps you save tax and leaves more money in hand.

    Invest in right tax-saving products for optimum return and matching your cashflow.

    Ensures that you cover all your risks.

    Create the best combination – get high insurance cover by paying low premium.


    Portfolio Management Services

    Portfolio Management & Advisory is an opportunity in different instruments like shares/stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, etc. managed by professional portfolio managers/fund managers. A PMS portfolio is managed by a portfolio manager/fund manager that can be customised to meet specific investment goals.

    Our PMS is designed for investors with an expectation of reasonable, long-term returns generated through moderate risk-taking and consistent investment strategy.

    Our PMS is for investors who do not want to keep checking their portfolio and prefer a good night’s sleep over anything else. We plan to be working with a smaller subset of investors and focus on quality engagement.

    We have a strong management team with expertise in risk management, focused on long-term wealth creation. We aspire to outperform the stock markets over a period of time. With a dedicated Relationship Manager, access to Investment Counsellors, research reports, regular updates and wealth creation plans, we aim at excellence in Portfolio Management.

    We Are SEBI Registered Portfolio/Fund Manager



    Our objective is to invest in well managed companies with proven business models at reasonable valuations, with the intention of giving investors stable, consistent returns with minimal volatility.


    The investment strategy will follow a low churn, high quality and alpha oriented investment approach. The portfolio will be built gradually and slowly as and when opportunities arise. This means that each portfolio will be customised, and different investors can have different portfolios.

    Fund Manager

    Milan Sharma,
    Rohit Thakur,
    Komal Thakur

    Fund Manager Profile

    Why Choose The Gainers

    Semi Annual Review:

    Reporting and clearly taking calls on any required changes on portfolio as per the current market and personal financial situation.


    Actively manage assets allocation periodically and see it that your financial goals are achieved faster.


    Guide you on maintaining cash flow and taxes.

    Dedicated Planners assigned:

    Truly independent and unbaised advice by a dedicated personal financial planner assigned to you throughout.

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